Covid Safe Passport

The Covid Safe Passport is a pioneering new app, giving HR departments and employers the opportunity to access real-time data on their workforce’s COVID-19 test results status.

How Does The Covid Safe App Work?

  • You’ll receive a set of QR codes from CSC Tests. Each QR code is unique to your organisation.
  • Supply a QR code and rapid test together to each employee each round of testing. The employee should also download the CSC Tests App so they are able to log their result.
  • Once the employee has completed the test they should open the CSC Tests app and scan the QR code and their test cartridge. They will then be prompted to take a photo of themselves for verification purposes.
  • The app will generate the employees’ Covid Safe Passport. The passport will be colour coded based on the status of the test result and the amount of time which has elapsed since it was conducted.
  • Employers / HR Managers are able to login to the portal and see the status of all employees, giving them a complete overview of the organisation.


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